Geoengineering: A Horrible Idea We Might Have to Do

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By the end of the 21st century, humanity is becoming desperate. Decades of heatwaves and droughts have led to unusually poor harvests, while the warming oceans yield fewer fish each year. In the tropical zones, millions suffer from famine and resource wars have made millions more flee to the north. As things quickly get worse, in an act of desperation, the world's governments decide to enact an emergency plan...
It is far from certain that a grim scenario like this will play out. But the failure of world leaders to effectively address climate change, makes it far from impossible.
So in the near future it might become necessary to try something radical to slow down rapid climate change: Geoengineering. Interventions so massive in scale that they might undo centuries of human behavior. Or make everything much worse.
What is geoengineering, is it really an option and what if it goes wrong?

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    • AceMaster


      4 napja

      Wow. What a great source! Wikipedia.

    • turboterps



      I love how this used to be a conspiracy theory

    • I J

      I J


      @Marble Taco and no one cares what you have to say either.

    • Marble Taco

      Marble Taco


      @I J Thats your opinion and many of their videos are about hypotheticals and theories if you don’t like them don’t watch and don’t be rude about your dislike

    • tony beatbutcher

      tony beatbutcher


      What about Global Dimming?

  2. Innocence



    In conclusion: We are doomed.

  3. Frank Zheng

    Frank Zheng

    6 órája

    A solar geoengineering WITHOUT conspiracy theories in the comments section!? God bless

  4. Cye Monkey

    Cye Monkey

    13 órája

    Yeah, no. Bad idea. A huge overreaction to a problem we cant reasonably get rid of. The world isnt ending in no where near a few decades unless we break out in nuclear war. Geothermal and renewable energy is just as costly on the environment as fossil fuels are. None of these are bio degradable or friendly on the environment to make. These renewable power sources make up a tiny fraction of power in this world and is only able to be sustained because of fossil fuels. We have no reasonable alternatives to these harmful fuels. Renewable energy is just way to unreliable and expensive on us and the environment. We have no technology to replace fossil fuels. Nuclear is too expensive to build everywhere, and can only be done through government. Hydroelectricity from dams can only be made if there's a river to stick it in. Both these still hurt the environment.

  5. CJ Johns

    CJ Johns

    14 órája





    4:06 ACT NOW Later Ok maybe not

  7. Migfp TM

    Migfp TM


    Hope someone make a snowpiercer/firepiercer and i can buy a passport

  8. Brian McClenahan

    Brian McClenahan


    Geoengineering is no different than a beaver building a dam. The only difference is this is to preserve ecosystems rather than just self preservation.

  9. Kyrie



    this guy can never stop saying "but it gets worse"

  10. Oel Jwilson

    Oel Jwilson


    So 6 years ago you say that the 'conspiracy theory' of chemicals being sprayed in our skies was utterly fake here you are now saying that we now have to ... spray chemicals in skies to save the parent. Nice. I'm assuming here but left leaning owner's hmmm?





  12. Icraft


    2 napja

    I love how the narrorater said but humans will still be admitting co2 into the air as i exhaled

  13. Vedraj r.m

    Vedraj r.m

    2 napja

    Why is there a wiki link in the context section? Wikipedia is not a reliable source of citation

    • kurade10



      what a boomer

  14. sahu


    2 napja

    Can we all appreciate that that's the house from interstellar

  15. Jamie LaCourse

    Jamie LaCourse

    2 napja

    Let's talk runaway science instead......

  16. dikeu pucoa

    dikeu pucoa

    2 napja

    The keen card mainly repeat because salad simultaneously tour absent a abrasive slice. cloistered, discreet ankle

  17. schling_art


    2 napja

    Was I the only one who thought about interstellar in the beginning?

  18. Esteban Brijbag

    Esteban Brijbag

    2 napja

    agenda 2030

  19. Niko FPV

    Niko FPV

    2 napja

    It wasn't the self destruct button! Just the one which trigger ad ^^

  20. nanr


    3 napja

    bruh why would people dislike this?

  21. kolibrizante


    3 napja

    Me wachting in ice age #8 in 2121: Idiots

    • Migfp TM

      Migfp TM


      Is snowpiercer still running?

  22. this is the wrong hat

    this is the wrong hat

    3 napja

    We don’t need to modify the climate, we just need to modify our lifestyle. Our consumerist society is ruining the planet, and the solution isn’t to ruin it more

  23. ChungWei Wang

    ChungWei Wang

    3 napja

    The curved effect consquentially practise because roll occasionally trick past a bite-sized leather. warm, level apple

  24. Hugh Penner

    Hugh Penner

    4 napja

    0:18 lmao they’re using COD sound effects

  25. King of Hairy

    King of Hairy

    4 napja

    The government really tryna take the fucking sun away from us

  26. JamesTrevitt


    4 napja

    Co2 needs to be halved by 2030 just to start, as well as rapid biodiversity increase, as well as preventing the savannahisation of the amazon (it's on the brink). This wont happen. So then the irreversible tipping points kick in. 9 yrs then its too late. I dont see sufficient change happening. Most rich governments are still in denial, and they wont fund changes in poor countries either. By 2050 we'll look back and wonder why we didnt take action. Billions of refugees, mass starvation, water shortages etc. etc. and too late to do anything about it, amazon gone, ice caps gone, permafrost releasing methane and pandemics etc.

  27. LoneStarWolf Entertainment

    LoneStarWolf Entertainment

    4 napja

    “If brute force isn’t working your not using enough of it.” -Isaac Arthur.

  28. Alexander Smidt

    Alexander Smidt

    4 napja

    If the world ends, at least post a selfie of it on facebook.

  29. HBenpitsu


    4 napja

    I'm Japanese, and i always watch Kurzgesagt's video with subtitles. in this video, it was only shown "brilliantの紹介" while part of ending, introducing about brilliant. is it ok? i was made laugh by this fact.

  30. Sumi Edward

    Sumi Edward

    4 napja


  31. Stories YT

    Stories YT

    4 napja

    Pinatubo is from philippines :D

  32. D Flatt

    D Flatt

    4 napja

    3:57 The tin foil hatters will just love that.

  33. DogsRNice


    5 napja

    Before they try geo engineering they need to engineer the comment section to be less cancerously toxic

  34. Spookaloo _ 000

    Spookaloo _ 000

    5 napja

    A horrible idea that we have actually been doing for decades

  35. i


    5 napja

    Try end of this decade and something goes terribly wrong. The end.

  36. Preech


    5 napja

    Politicians and the 1% r the problem. We can't take the steps necessary for development.

  37. Book Steer

    Book Steer

    5 napja

    Holy crap! This is a bad idea. The environment is the most complex system on the planet. Who would we trust to tinker with it? "Experts" like Dr. Fauci? This is the same, old, Malthusian bull***t in new wine skins. The truth is scientists can't accurately model the environment. It's too complex. If the earth is warming, it's because of the sun. We are far, FAR too small to have a significant impact on it!

    • DogsRNice


      5 napja

      Yes but you and your vast intellect are the one we should trust right And what does a medical specialist have to do with anything other then throwing out meaningless buzzwords like you’re doing

  38. 3-2 Амар.Б

    3-2 Амар.Б

    5 napja

    Im ready

  39. James Smith

    James Smith

    6 napja

    We are screwed.

  40. Hans Gruber

    Hans Gruber

    6 napja

    Love the wiki link, HUbuild, like anyone halfway informed doesn't really how worthless and corrupt that site is.

  41. CosmicAggressor


    6 napja

    I note that crop yields have actually gone up. You seam to be using the worst case scinerio theoretically possible like everyone else. Stop doing this. Try again with some actual date.

  42. Accelerator


    6 napja


  43. Ramzan


    6 napja

    governments started this decades ago, as a result they have quite possibly broken the planet.

  44. Big Bang'o

    Big Bang'o

    6 napja

    I thought there is no Chemtrails? 😉

  45. Mixed World

    Mixed World

    6 napja


  46. AnimeTV


    6 napja

    What a shit video. Global warming is fake and bullshit.

  47. software developer of this simulated universe

    software developer of this simulated universe

    7 napja

    If shiny surfaces reflects back light/heat, why people in hot regions have more melanin?

  48. Nautical Study

    Nautical Study

    7 napja

    Tell China, India, and Nigeria to get their act together. That’s a good chunk of what we gotta do.

  49. Daniel MP

    Daniel MP

    7 napja

    This idea is so bad I'm left wondering why no government has implemented it yet

  50. uwu


    7 napja

    Interesting :o



    7 napja

    How the fck do you pronounce kurzgesagt?!



    7 napja

    HUbuild put a climate change context link below the title lol

  53. Chubby Might

    Chubby Might

    8 napja

    Somebody is gonna make something so powerful It changes global warming to global cooling

  54. mr oregano

    mr oregano

    8 napja

    "but it gets worse" YA YOU DONT SAY KYRGESTAN

  55. Adam Irie

    Adam Irie

    8 napja

    Might have to Do ????????? Lol Lol Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂They've been spraying the skies since 1920 DUH ! Weather Modification has been going on for 101 Years ! Weathe Warfare is the Military Industrial Complexes Crown Jewel !!! Everything is All by design and it is All connected to the Depopulation of the Earth, so obvious Duh ! this video is a Joke ! Wake Up Look Up Sheeple !!!!!!!!!!! ✈🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫 ✈🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫 ✈🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫 ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰




      @Ykario lmao ikr

    • Ykario


      7 napja

      Well. Then they suck at it, as world's population is growing bigger and bigger.

  56. Francisco Sanhueza

    Francisco Sanhueza

    8 napja

    Mes 7: todavía sigo esperando a que traduzcan sus videos al español :,v

  57. Elliott Ella

    Elliott Ella

    8 napja

    The dry forgery lilly attend because antarctica weekly count given a belligerent feature. pastoral, breakable margin

  58. Mazzeha


    8 napja

    These videos give me both: hope and terror at the same time

  59. ael Tobing

    ael Tobing

    9 napja

    6:59 did anyone see the text (sory if i spel something wrong im form indonesia)

  60. The T

    The T

    9 napja

    Is this for real???? We need the sun for vitamin D. This is wrong.

  61. Rana Pratap

    Rana Pratap

    9 napja


  62. TimLikesWaffles


    9 napja

    Nice interstellar reference in the beginning

  63. Harry Williams

    Harry Williams

    9 napja

    So chem trails are mainstream now?

  64. Hellseeker


    10 napja

    Every time we screw with the system unintentional consequences happen. The planet wobbles in its orbit, it’s impossible to predict what’s going to happen when the models you base it on aren’t accurate.

  65. 85mcarnold


    10 napja

    What about desert greening? If the Sahara Desert could somehow become as lush as the Amazon that would absorb a lot of CO2.

  66. Manthan Sohoni

    Manthan Sohoni

    10 napja

    Ah yes, Some more Existential crisis

  67. raven ruiz

    raven ruiz

    10 napja

    We're stuck!!!

  68. Sterces


    10 napja

    Yeah and we absolutely are not already having a bunch of Chem trails and won't die in the next few yrs 👍

  69. Sir Loaf

    Sir Loaf

    11 napja

    Teacher: Don't inhale resultant gasse- That one kid: 4:54

  70. Aaron McConkey

    Aaron McConkey

    11 napja

    We " might " have to do? LOOK UP!!!!

  71. Charlie Zavala

    Charlie Zavala

    11 napja

    Lol so we can all agree then that Chemtrails are in fact happening

  72. Sus Doctor

    Sus Doctor

    12 napja

    So basicly i was calling a sprite "vodka" and my brain was like "THiS iS vOdkA' Now im drunk on sprite

  73. Aman Karassayev

    Aman Karassayev

    12 napja

    *oh no zone*

  74. Kyle Nathan Olermo

    Kyle Nathan Olermo

    13 napja

    oh my g, he said mt. pinatubo which is just next to our own province

  75. Chase the gamer

    Chase the gamer

    13 napja

    Hey guys um from a scale 1 to 10 how do you rate this Chanel

  76. Caitlin Mah- Soeung

    Caitlin Mah- Soeung

    13 napja

    Snow piercer might actually come true

  77. R. Stark

    R. Stark

    13 napja

    Because of Geoengineering we have high levels of “metals” in our rain, snow, crops and food. And you can say goodbye to solar too.

  78. JoAnne Holcombe

    JoAnne Holcombe

    13 napja

    They are already doing it!! All u have to do is look up!

    • Conan Highwoods

      Conan Highwoods

      9 napja

      @SalSauce You sure are doing the shill/bot/sheep thing well at the least!

    • SalSauce


      11 napja

      yeah we have to wear our tinfoil hats or the aliens will control our minds!!!! (Am I doing this crackpot conspiracy theorist thing correctly?)

  79. Hasan Ozbal74

    Hasan Ozbal74

    13 napja

    10:24 The example of the worldly life is like water which has come down from the sky; it mixed with the plants of the earth from what people and the livestock eat. Then the earth takes its attractions and becomes glamorous, and its inhabitants think that they have mastered it. Then Our judgment comes by night or by day, so We make it a wasteland as if it never prospered yesterday! It is such that We clarify the signs to a people who think.

  80. Christian Holley

    Christian Holley

    14 napja

    There will be wars over this.

  81. mr Fredrickson's

    mr Fredrickson's

    14 napja

    If you ever watched snowpiercer We should Not do

  82. Nihaal Sangha

    Nihaal Sangha

    14 napja


  83. meh


    16 napja

    Some researchers have suggested that aerosol injection might not work as some clouds can have a heating rather than cooling effect.

  84. Mimikyu


    16 napja

    7:48 octoling in the background????

  85. Jbone


    17 napja

    Wait so all those contrails ARE chemtrails? Those liars!

    • MISSELO27


      11 napja

      Of course. Only sheep don't want to see it

  86. Yiğit Ayaz

    Yiğit Ayaz

    17 napja

    0:01 This house from the movie "interstellar"

  87. Tible UWU

    Tible UWU

    17 napja

    Ah yes, pumping the air with aerosol. Just go ahead and confirm every conspiracy theorist and watch as that very valid solution to our problems is rapidly destroyed by a bunch of dumb asses who think the Government is slowly killing us with aerosol cyanide or whatever

  88. NobleSky Sisters

    NobleSky Sisters

    18 napja

    7:49 there is an octoling in the background! 🔫🐙

  89. treborobotacon


    18 napja

    It's easy just switch to 100% nuclear right now. Problem solved. Oh yeah I forgot people have an irrational fear of the nuclear boogeyman. But fossil fuel deaths are typical and typically in the millions.

  90. Abdelrahman hussein

    Abdelrahman hussein

    18 napja

    Oh-No-Zone 😢🥺

  91. Lyzo


    18 napja

    French translate ??

    • MISSELO27


      11 napja

      Pour empêcher le réchauffement climatique ils parlent de bombarder le ciel avec de l'aluminium et du barrium. Chose qu'ils font depuis des années. C les chemtrails. C ultra cancérigène

  92. ma pa

    ma pa

    19 napja

    all planets are heating up. man-made global warming is a hoax to take your money and control your behavior.




      Lmao your an even bigger disappointment than me and thats saying something

    • ma pa

      ma pa

      11 napja

      @SalSauce the mars polar cap is melting. all planets are heating up. ask nasa

    • SalSauce


      11 napja

      Take off that tin foil hat and come to your senses man

  93. Ankur Antil

    Ankur Antil

    20 napja

    Giant reflectors in space

  94. Sasha Inverse

    Sasha Inverse

    21 napja

    Hopefully, this would never happen

  95. Easton Creger

    Easton Creger

    22 napja

    Quote of the year : As it turns out, acid is bad

  96. bugalugs bum theif

    bugalugs bum theif

    22 napja

    Right so this existential crisis hit closer to home

  97. T.Mohith Raajan

    T.Mohith Raajan

    22 napja

    Is there is bioengineering

  98. Social Swine

    Social Swine

    23 napja

    Unsurprising bill and Melinda gates sponsor this channel. Pushing this shite

  99. Twitch_StarLord_


    23 napja

    Clearly that sulphor aerosol is not a good idea lol. The leaders would most definitely use it as an excuse and the best idea I got when watching this is why not develop a technology that converts CO2 into Oxygen or water or something useful and the byproducts can be captured and disposed instantly to prevent any other side-effects of using such tech in large scale. And I mean arent they already probably developing such tech(in R&D stage or smthn) for Astronomical Missions to Mars and beyond? All we'd need is their success and then rapid application globally and voila. Bye bye world with Climate Change issues! Ur free to use my idea humanity, just credit me as the mysterious starry that commented on a Kurzgesagt video in YT and saved the world. xd Also u can tip me and extend my survival beyond the next month or so lol. F. Anyways Cheers, Luv.All n Star Out!

  100. songs with cam

    songs with cam

    23 napja

    love the animations!! it makes going extinct much more chirpy