What If Earth got Kicked Out of the Solar System? Rogue Earth

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The night sky seems peaceful and orderly. But in reality, stars are careening through the galaxy at speeds of hundreds of thousands of kilometres per hour. Not bound by static formations but changing neighbourhoods constantly. Fortunately space is big, and so the stars of the Milky Way are very unlikely to hit us. Unfortunately, they don’t have to hit anything to make us have a really bad time on earth. And there are already stars starting to get very close.

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    • Chara Dreemurr

      Chara Dreemurr

      7 napja

      Very off topic, but if you are running out of ideas, I think you should make some other social media platform where people can talk about science questions like this no sun Earth. Its just a thought

    • Μαρίνα Χρύσα Τσιάτσου

      Μαρίνα Χρύσα Τσιάτσου

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      May I ask who is responsible for all the subtitles of your channel?

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  2. black guy

    black guy

    41 perce

    2:26 just casually say that, oh well i guess i will see you all in about 1,00,000 years

  3. Patrick Connolly

    Patrick Connolly


    Ain't no planet x comin cause ain't no space cause ain't not globe earth



    3 órája

    Y si algún planeta herrante alguna vez tuvo vida será que seguirán congelados o de alguna forma petrificados por el frío invernal de el espacio

  5. Solared618


    3 órája

    3:38 "WOAH WHAT THE HELL" 3:39 "ah"

  6. Unfix Gaming

    Unfix Gaming

    4 órája

    finally! a way to fix global warming!

  7. Miguel Valero Arcia

    Miguel Valero Arcia

    5 órája

    Our descendants might tell a story of a "Pale Blue Dot."

  8. Daniel Hahn Conradsen

    Daniel Hahn Conradsen

    8 órája

    Long story short: if Earth leaves the solar system it will become a lonely ice cube

  9. GodzillaToons


    10 órája

    Earth is more likely to get kicked out of orbit than it is to win the lottery, or to get struck by lightning.

  10. Jack McLaughlin

    Jack McLaughlin

    10 órája

    And now its time to nuke ourselves!

  11. Worldly Observer

    Worldly Observer

    12 órája

    Havent watched the video but everything would freeze and everything thing would die is my hypothesis let me know if I’m close

  12. Repugnant Bounty

    Repugnant Bounty

    12 órája

    i like to imagine in this extreme case, we would take a bit from thundercats and call the new planet "third earth"

  13. -


    12 órája

    and no more liberals 👍🏼 🥃🕺🏻🎈🎉 that would be best kind of world ever in the history on any planet out there

  14. Kyren Returns

    Kyren Returns

    13 órája

    Me: *Turns On My Phone In The Middle Of The Night* The Screen: *4:17*

  15. Mariano Fernandez

    Mariano Fernandez

    13 órája

    "..it would be bad for the stock market" hahahahha :D

  16. Farid Irfan

    Farid Irfan

    13 órája

    Dont worry you aint gonna live for 1 million goddam years

  17. Mr. Paranormal

    Mr. Paranormal

    14 órája

    If you don’t get it: think of earth as a member of a club (the Milky Way galaxy) and one day someone forgot to right earth on the list, and when earth tried to enter the club, the guard (aka the star in this scenario) kicks earth away from the door, causing it to go home (aka meaning that we would drift away), making it a rogue planet.

  18. Frostnotm


    14 órája

    "Stories of our lost home, of a icy planet, floating alone and empty trough the dark of space" My greatest fear as a child, was to lose the stuffed animal I took on trips, to have him fall out the window, lost to miles of road, the Idea of loosing earth to the expance of space struck deep

  19. BackStage RM

    BackStage RM

    17 órája

    There is a song that talks about a second sun that comes to "realign" the planets' orbits, and the astronomers thought it would be another comet...

    • joao bona

      joao bona


      hahahhaa derrubando com assombro exemplar

  20. Matrix Decoded

    Matrix Decoded

    20 órája

    What if a billionaire megalomaniac decided to spray chemicals into the atmosphere to block out the sun?

  21. Mr Quack face

    Mr Quack face


    But when that happens all of us are dead

  22. Hamza MO

    Hamza MO


    What if we were in another planet in the past, and earth is our new home (Only jocking,it isn't seem real at all)

  23. Generik



    I would like to think that Humanity would find away to endure by building nuclear powered shelters or something.

  24. I am Spark

    I am Spark


    This animation looks like a mobile game I play🤨

  25. Sandra Cash

    Sandra Cash


    The noisy south america sporadically disappear because hammer marginally wonder including a confused meal. graceful, terrible slip

  26. What's my name?

    What's my name?


    If earth gets kicked out of solar system....earth was probably hacking

  27. What's my name?

    What's my name?


    If earth gets kicked out of solar system....earth was probably hacking

  28. Sebastian Flores

    Sebastian Flores


    Im glad learning this scary but understandable I can only hope for humanity to surpass and survive in that future

  29. Youxxef aka Josef

    Youxxef aka Josef


    Space is racist

  30. Ava Sorce

    Ava Sorce


    3:30 earth was not the imposter

  31. elpizzas 128

    elpizzas 128


    I'm hearing racknarok theory

  32. Kivikall



    Something tells me that even if we noticed this kind of disaster coming to us thousands of years in advance people couldn't come into an agreement what to do. We have known about global warming many many years and still some people in dangerously high positions ignore it or better yet refuse to 'believe" it

  33. Mr BigKittylumpz

    Mr BigKittylumpz


    Your videos are so much fun to watch. I wish you had made these when we were kids i probably wouldn’t be using HUbuild to learn thing I should’ve been thought in school.

  34. ْ



    So we're just gonna ignore the 4/20 joke in 2:19 please tell me im not the only one who fockin noticed

  35. SaltyBlox



    hope we got a stellar engine by then xD

  36. Pranav Tiwari

    Pranav Tiwari


    I fonly those creationists ( Imma say your name in your face....hindus,muslims,sikhs,christians,jews, buddhists and all the other religons) could see it this way that their stupidity is meaningless. You only exist for 70-80 yrs at best and you're only relevant for the 1st 50yrs of your life. Stop the hate and putting down of others...rise together......for mankind...not some stupid god you believe in

  37. David Jarrah

    David Jarrah


    The wooden china wessely store because trousers cranially dare through a cute sand. fluttering, cold oxygen

  38. Daniel Chan

    Daniel Chan


    How far can the earth float away before it splits from all the other parallel universes? Or will it ever be tethered?

  39. Nico Sambrano

    Nico Sambrano



  40. Metka Kozar

    Metka Kozar


    Well there needs to get to an end sometime

  41. Arca Arcq

    Arca Arcq


    Invader Zim Enter the Florpus: yeah, i am gonna ignore that

  42. Smokr - the pendantic bastage

    Smokr - the pendantic bastage


    It would be fractured and destroyed by whatever force or object had the energy or mass to move it quickly enough for humans to notice. But even before that, the atmosphere would be stripped away, along with every living thing. All of this would happen long before the sun seemed any smaller or dimmer, and long after the moon was dust and gone.




    Atleast global warming is not a problem 😉

  44. J. G.

    J. G.


    Truly amazing

  45. watertommyz



    I mean, happy ending for Earth itself. It won't be eaten by the sun when it becomes a red giant.

    • Meliagant



      And now imagine earth flies closer to the sun instead away from it whem the other star comes

  46. atomicskies



    7:17 How do we decide who dies and who lives?

  47. Gabriel Niculae

    Gabriel Niculae

    2 napja

    What if the the Earth got kicked out of the solar sistem ? We would have to make a new acvount and reconnect

  48. Channel 719

    Channel 719

    2 napja

    “Stories of our lost home. A mysterious icy planet, floating alone and empty, through the dark of space.” No pun intended, but that quote is chilling af, knowing that our legacy wont mean anything once Earth is a rogue planet, with no life other than microorganisms underneath miles of ice sheets, that future humans on a different planet will never reach, because once they left that planet, they said a permanent goodbye to Earth, as now all of mankind’s work, has now been lost to the ice and snow, forever drifting in a black void, further and further away, from its once proud citizens. That, is chilling.

  49. Pomik161


    2 napja

    I like to think that people will actually tell about earths tale instead of leaving it behind in the snow. I mean we were there pasts and the reasons for there survival; And I’m gonna try to become a legend they’ll remember.

  50. Steel


    2 napja

    2:59 that made me C H U C K L E

  51. Tom nes

    Tom nes

    2 napja

    This is why stellar engine will ve best thing humanity will ever build (ofc if we get into that point)

  52. anuraj pc

    anuraj pc

    2 napja

    i wonder how short is our life

  53. Day Len

    Day Len

    2 napja

    Gravity is weak in me...I have had very few attracted to me, even though I *appear* attractive...damn you, physics!

  54. Big Bang'o

    Big Bang'o

    2 napja

    What if Martians couldn't leave there planet but live under the surface? ;

  55. Zackery Koh

    Zackery Koh

    2 napja

    They Burn so hot Start zooming fast

    • Zackery Koh

      Zackery Koh

      2 napja

      What if earh hot sucked by a black hole

  56. Ricky Hoey

    Ricky Hoey

    2 napja

    This narrator makes me feel so comfortable about existential dread

  57. Rage gamer

    Rage gamer

    2 napja

    sounds like a utopia

  58. Paulo Melo

    Paulo Melo

    2 napja

    I have to admit I had an internal panic attack and existencial crisis

  59. Ezekiel


    2 napja

    This guy explains things better than my actual teacher in school.

  60. V. Bozhilov

    V. Bozhilov

    2 napja

    Bit cold today :D

  61. RDific


    2 napja

    Your video is 3 good

  62. 3ly3lawy


    2 napja

    If government responses to Covid are anything to go with, we will absolutely not prepare for an incoming star

  63. hardik sharma

    hardik sharma

    2 napja

    3:57 Straight to the main topic

  64. Simp Slayer

    Simp Slayer

    2 napja

    We will salute Earth as we see it slowly drift away from our new home planet. Future generations will learn about Earth in their history books. And they'll have photos of an Earth full of life as their phone/PC's wallpaper. That is if we get our sht together and start thinking long-term soon.

  65. Ahura Shoaie

    Ahura Shoaie

    2 napja

    we need to find life on other planets so if this happens humans do not go extinct. atleast we have some other humans alive on another planet.

  66. Mark Maslennikov

    Mark Maslennikov

    2 napja

    Good, but where Russian subtitles? :'(

  67. Ugliest Animal

    Ugliest Animal

    3 napja

    This will drastically affect fishing season.

  68. Prateek Verma

    Prateek Verma

    3 napja

    Will the earth not get attracted towards sun again once the foreign star passes by?

  69. Sillydillyk K

    Sillydillyk K

    3 napja

    If this happens we will be fine cause we should be able to cause so much global warming by the. That it won’t matter we could just set off a bunch of bombs too for warmth

  70. D3L7A Z7R1K3

    D3L7A Z7R1K3

    3 napja

    So what youre telling me is aliens could uncover us?

  71. simtito


    3 napja

    That was not depressing at all!

  72. Rayyan Alnajjar

    Rayyan Alnajjar

    3 napja

    Can u do a video of how ur body fights a cold plz

  73. Rondo2ooo


    3 napja

    -Odds of 1:100000 that the earth gets out its orbit by a passing star. Nah, that's improbable. -Plays lottery with a 1:90000000 chance of winning.

  74. sohag khan

    sohag khan

    3 napja

    The feeble feigned niece phylogenitically lock because reward centrally tempt times a lopsided brain. whole, resonant battery

    • John Gardner

      John Gardner

      3 napja


  75. Sans The Lazy Skeleton

    Sans The Lazy Skeleton

    3 napja

    Short answer : we die

  76. Frosty Azurez

    Frosty Azurez

    3 napja

    They can predict what happened 70,000 years ago and the future but they can’t figure out who killed Tupac or Biggie

  77. Deathstroke


    3 napja

    Arx Fatalis vibes.

  78. Leandro Parmejani

    Leandro Parmejani

    3 napja

    Legendem em português rapaziada

  79. connor booboo

    connor booboo

    3 napja

    Atleast we got the mpon

  80. Per sona

    Per sona

    3 napja

    I read the thumbnail as "No more SUS" Something is wrong with me

  81. Splatink


    3 napja

    Earth: Finds a new star The Sun: Passes by and steals earth Earth: You came back?! The Sun: Of course

  82. Jamham


    3 napja

    Here me out I’ve got a solution to this Global warming

  83. dezrk


    3 napja

    damn imagine if we found a rogue planet with a buried civilization under all the snow, thatd be fucking terrifying

  84. Sonic Son

    Sonic Son

    3 napja

    Earth move in to alternate universe

  85. AdiB


    4 napja

    We die. Painfully. Does that even need elaborating?

  86. Saidscoot


    4 napja

    3:00 darn diggity dand the earth blew up AND even worse yes my shares on the stock market are plummeting

  87. All Kindz

    All Kindz

    4 napja

    Correct me if I'm wrong. I get drifting off from the sun, Earth will freeze. But wouldn't it also be bad because of outer space radiation. Like who knows how well Earth will take unknown radiation from space when it leaves it's own solar system. Like the video didn't mention that, but that's the first time I thought about.

  88. Benicio Amadeo

    Benicio Amadeo

    4 napja

    8:10 Love how it makes me feel like!

  89. Adam Mokdad

    Adam Mokdad

    4 napja

    The efficacious deadline geometrically trick because bakery roughly expand unto a best jump. petite, vigorous map

  90. Lukas Lulas

    Lukas Lulas

    4 napja

    Did Elon Musk saw that?

  91. Jonathan Smithers

    Jonathan Smithers

    4 napja

    "It also involves how big something is." Your mother must have a pretty big amount of gravity.

  92. Andrew Gray

    Andrew Gray

    4 napja

    How would spaceflight become easier without the atmosphere in the way? Taking off would become only slightly easier and landing safely would become almost impossible. A civilisation trying to flee the Earth would have only one shot at getting it right.

  93. Katie Lewis

    Katie Lewis

    4 napja

    these videos keep me going i stg

  94. cephi


    4 napja

    kurzgesagt videos are the perfect balance between learning legitimate information that can actually stick through your brain and entertaining animation and dialogue (and a spice of existential dread) and it's one of the main reasons i love them

  95. Generic Goon

    Generic Goon

    4 napja

    Yeah but one million years, low odds anyone will be alive with all these snowflakes and idiots in politics

  96. Mars Mars

    Mars Mars

    4 napja

    This could be a blockbuster movie.

  97. Berry


    4 napja

    I love the joke about the stock market during the asteroid collision

  98. Basics Corner

    Basics Corner

    4 napja

    Every few mins along the video, i said, we will be dead and who wants to live like that way too many times. This was scary and numbing at the same time.

  99. Duross Murray

    Duross Murray

    4 napja

    Hopefully by the time this monstrosity gets to our solar system we will have evolved little bit more than nuclear

  100. Samuel Love

    Samuel Love

    4 napja

    "huddle up folks, the cold is coming"