Who Is Responsible For Climate Change? - Who Needs To Fix It?

This video is part of a series about climate change supported by Breakthrough Energy - a coalition founded by Bill Gates, that is working to expand clean-energy investment and support the innovations that will lead the world to net-zero carbon emissions.

Also a special thanks to the team at Our World for helping us out with data and research!

Sources \u0026 further reading:

Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have released over 1.5 trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide or CO2 into the earth's atmosphere. In the year 2019 we were still pumping out around 37 billion more. That’s 50% more than the year 2000 and almost three times as much as 50 years ago. And it’s not just CO2. We’re also pumping out growing volumes of other greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. Combining all of our greenhouse gases, we’re emitting 51 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents each year.
And emissions keep rising - but they need to get down to 0!

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      hi kurzgesagt is this vidio still viable as the uk left the eu hense for we are no longer identified as the eu so the count might be nocked of i dont nkow wether you do updates on these types of things but just thought id let you nkow

    • Selena White

      Selena White

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      If you want to help slow down anthropogenic climate change, here are some ways you can do so for free. TreeApp, an app that plants trees on your behalf every day. All you have to do is watch a 30 second advert. Tribaldata, an app that sells data. You can plant a tree every time you earn enough points. Both apps work on smartphones and tablets. Ecosia, a search engine just like Google, but all it's profits go to planting trees. Thenonprofits, a website with links to click to donate. You can plant trees, protect forests, help people who are poor, sick, provide healthcare and education, etc for free. 🌄🏞️🌲🌳🙋🏻‍♀️👩‍💻

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      4:07 that is not the Indian Flag.

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    ono how 2 stop climciate change

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    I would just like to point out to all the doomers in the comments that the fossil fuel industry loves you guys. Your hopelessness and despair makes you as inactive has climate change deniers. 👍

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    everyone should help fix this problem, we are gonna wipe out ourselves if we dont fix this.

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    The newsroom "who care's?"

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    Don’t think it matters on who is to blame. What matters is that we focus on ourselves, reducing individual emissions.

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    We have to do things quick or the fight for the resources will begin

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    07:12 thats not Nigerias flag, thats Indias flag

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    Люди наказываются не ЗА грехи, а наказываются САМИМИ грехами. И это самое тяжёлое и самое верное наказание. Бывает, что человек обманщик, обидчик проживает жизнь и умирает в богатстве и почёте. Но это не значит, чтобы он ушёл от наказаний за свои грехи. Наказания эти будут не где-то там, где никто не бывал и не будет, а наказания эти ЗДЕСЬ. Здесь уже человек этот наказан тем, что с каждым новым грехом он все больше и больше отдаляется от истинного счастья - любви и СТАНОВИТСЯ ВСЕ МЕНЬШЕ И МЕНЬШЕ РАДОСТНЫМ. Все равно как пьяница, будет ли он или не будет наказан за своё пьянство от людей, он уже всегда наверное наказан, кроме головной боли и похмелья, уже тем, что чем чаще он напивается, тем ДУШЕ ЕГО СТАНОВИТСЯ ВСЕ ХУЖЕ И ХУЖЕ.

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    Bill gates is born on my birthday!

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    You know it's really hard to not go political discussing this lol Humans are humans

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    Chinese Communist Party: "We have never polluted on Earth before....if you don't agree with us your r-cist and pro-Democracy."

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    Everyone stop trying to put the blames on one group we all have to contribute to fixing it anyone who clicked on this vidoe to find out who to blame is the problem smh

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    People are talking about climate change as we are killing the world. NO, we are killing ourselves. I am sure once humanity is extinct , climate will recover on its own.

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    Tldr we all gonna die and nothing could stop

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    im from America and i wont even try to point the finger at any other country. but i will say regardless it needs to be a global effort. either we cross this river together or not at all

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    If only CO2 was black, then people would see the mess. Or, actually, you wouldn't see anything.

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    7:44my favorite part! Reaaly who should take responsibility...

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    The answer is easy is all of you

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    Co2 levels are not near what they were 500 million years ago (Ordovician period) When the first land plants grew. We pump Co2 into green houses to help the plants grow. Yes we have less ice at the north pole, but more at the south. Don't panic people we are not even close to levels of anything that is going to kill us. People much smarter than us have figured this out. Go read some literature from some Nobel prize winners that say climate always changes and that will thrive even better with a rise in average temp of 4 degrees Celsius. in 1996 they went to find a plane that crashed in Greenland in 1946 and found it under 250 feet of ice. Should we do what we can? yes, should we panic? not even close.

    • Joe Evett

      Joe Evett

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      @oukkat nothing you can't Google. Some people like to just repeat garbage they hear In stead of a bit of research of there own.

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    4:12 India's flag is wrong. please take note for next time. PS i like your channel

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    Gotta say america making alot of co2 its not surprising

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    the one with less advanced weaponry is responsible

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      Let’s stand up against canada

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  36. Sricharan Ashok

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    4:09 that’s not India ....🙄🙄🙄

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    I am shure that we can all blame US for chaos in the world right now!! And probably UK too!

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    With all due respect at 04:08 India's national flag isn't the correct one. Please correct this hineous behavior

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    10:00: "We can begin today." Video uploaded June 21, 2020.

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    What if instead of lowering the production of greenhouse gases why don’t we take it out of the air manually using air currents and then turn the greenhouse gases into something else we can use

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      How we gonna remove 36 billion tons of invisible gas

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    Fun fact: India and China planted the most trees on earth than any other countries

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    4:09 That's not the flag of India. Just a small error, no biggie.

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    Now that they are saying UFOs are real, We can use the free energy perpetual motion overunity power plants now!? The school girl built the John Bedini free energy motor over 8 years ago now. And there are many others, like the Perendev motor, Newman motor, Stanley Meyer water powered car, etc.! And the one with the wheel of v gates and the cam lifter. And the George Green magnet free energy motor. A city in Switzerland was powered with one. Or one of many thousands or millions of others. They've existed since 800 BC or earlier, especially from the 1400s on. They've been being patented in the USA since 1799, when a "permanent magnet mill" was patented! Of course some are fake so they have to test.

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    The greenhouse monsters are the culprits.

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    here's the short answer (Everyone & Everything)

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    I remember when people say poverty across the world is going down, nope its going up, if you take out china. A communist government is some how make its country less poor. As far as I can understand is because of several job opertunites and trades.

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    Is this video actually trying to defend China's abysmal global emissions performance? It's just so sad, this leftist shilling..

    • helado vegano

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      He just give facts, he doesn't have favorites

    • Amrendra


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      Damn he responded to you

    • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

      Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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      No. Its putting the responsibility of the other developed nations into perspective so they don't just point fingers at China and don't change.

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    It's not china there was somebody who have it and come to china

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    Why does the pandemic have no impact on global warming? What about the astrophysical factors? Why did ice ages and warm periods alternate periodically long before humans existed?

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    you've literally being pondered in your work reversed the india's flag itself at 4:07....LMAFOOOO

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    1:37 XD

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    that's not our flag bro 😂 7:13 it's green white green

  74. Terlin1466


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    here are some major problems with this. One there is not proof that Doing everything possible will change things. two Its literately impossible to get others to do what you want to do around the world. three All solutions so far to combat the climate change has only been opportunity's to gain power so far and done little to nothing to help the climate. Conclusion The climate is going to change and NO amount of work is going to change shit cause clearly everything done so far has little to zero impact on it. But don't worry the planet wont die. We will..and you know, if we cant get along in our own country's then maybe we all deserve to die anyway. Humanity had its chance. let it die.

  75. Wes Jones

    Wes Jones

    12 napja

    Both sides are right. Developed nations have historically produced more. But that doesn’t mean it’s hard to say the growing issue isn’t because of developing nations, as their emissions growth is linked to their poverty rate declines. In other words, the problem will continue to get worse unless poverty goes away. The solution therefore: tackle poverty. Attempting to force markets to change doesn’t work, due to unintended consequences. Read economist Frederic Bastiat’s 1850 essay That Which is Seen and That Which is Unseen, to understand better. Our efforts to force green energy in places like Germany have backfired and resulted in worse emissions reductions there, due to dependence on coal and outdated fossil fuels as a result. If we look at the reductions made in fossil fuel industries (vehicles today burn a fraction of the fuel they did 30 years ago, yet produce more power still, Canadian oil companies utilize carbon capture tech on site, pipelines have led to use of LNG from Mid East instead of flaring, etc.) we can see that it does benefit markets to improve if and when they can afford to. By exporting our LNG here in Canada to places like China and India (currently 70-75% of their energy is produced with coal which has double the emissions of LNG), we can help reduce their growing emissions despite their increased production. The result would be more power for their people for the first time, improvements in their tech and economies, as well as more opportunities globally (India leads the world in online virtual assistants). At the same time, this would generate billions in revenue for Canadian companies that invest in carbon capture tech, and can also afford to reduce emissions by means of reducing processing and work in order to reduce overhead. It would also mean billions in tax revenue to put toward sustainable practices to help individuals reduce emissions, thus lowering our emissions by making us wealthier, while lowering developing nation’s emissions by making them wealthier also. The economy isn’t a zero sum game (as evidenced by the fact that GDPs grow each year, an impossibility if wealth requires being taken from others and not created). By acting as though it is, we are holding back real efforts to make real and lasting changes, that also mean improving the quality of life for those who have every right to lift their families out of extreme poverty.

  76. Skill Share

    Skill Share

    12 napja

    only the bad people get power not the smart people who actually want to change for better even doe joe biden is better then donald trump joe biden ain't doing good there are alot of people who could be a better president instead of focusing on other countries and telling them to change first look in the mirror like before you start hating other countries look on what you do like even though countries take part and want to change they haven't necessarily converted to renewables but there are reasons for that too for example they can't cuz here in the uk its inefficient to use solar panels as yeah we rarely get sun also Nuclear power on a large scale would be very dangerous this is called the stop watching fake tic toks and blaming other countries like china paradox many people like joe biden and donald trump do not understand this paradox when china is poor so it needs to change and it has done that better then any other country by being efficient and using its population to its advantage also not ignoring problems like covid-19 anti-vaccine people and stuff that can wipe us all out

  77. roofprod


    12 napja

    Conclusion: The United States and China are obliged to reduce emissions, and the rest join them. Industrialization, high technology, development - cannot be the cause of pollution. In the sense that the more developed a country, the faster it can introduce renewable energy and materials.

  78. roofprod


    12 napja

    Вывод : США и Китай обязаны снизить выбросы, а остальные к ним присоединиться. Индустриализация, высокие технологии, развитие - не может быть причиной загрязнения. В том смысле,чем более развитая страна, тем она быстрее может внедрить возобновляемую энергетику и материалы. Conclusion: The United States and China are obliged to reduce emissions, and the rest join them. Industrialization, high technology, development - cannot be the cause of pollution. In the sense that the more developed a country, the faster it can introduce renewable energy and materials.

  79. Tabby Cat

    Tabby Cat

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    not humans, billionaires released co2

  80. Aaron Preston

    Aaron Preston

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    wow this video is bullshit. we are not that important. we may kill ourselves but the planet will be fine.

  81. paule quinton

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    Start climatechange

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    Yeah, Shorts

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    0:17 they are pumping out

  84. Gideon Oliver

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    CO2 impoverish us all ultimately

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    Ur not foolin' me. Where is ur spaceship.

  86. Sagar Debnath

    Sagar Debnath

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    You should praise India 🇮🇳. For their solar energy advancement...



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    In India electric cars are Not affordable

  88. CHEN HO TIN 陳浩天 Alumni

    CHEN HO TIN 陳浩天 Alumni

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    It's about individuals more than the country, are we willing to lower the current living standard to cut the emission? Few really do. That's why politicians are reluctant to go first. Because they are afraid of getting downvoted if they can't sustain the increasing GDP which is contradictory to cutting the emission.

  89. Rayan Jacob

    Rayan Jacob

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    I live in the United Arab Emirates

  90. Nils Tonsi

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  91. muiz ace the adorable

    muiz ace the adorable

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    china has a great population muchmore than the us so its not the one to blame its actually us who has been producing the most co2 for its population

  92. Zbig P

    Zbig P

    14 napja

    The problem with global warming is that people have been led to believe that we are going to be a catastrophe, and these people, under the influence of hysteria, are forcing governments to take absurd and costly actions to sweat a little better. We all have to pay for the panic to stop crying. The industry that we liquidate moves to China and continues to poison there, so maybe this is not the way? Maybe it would be better and cheaper to spend public money treating mass hysteria and ban films like this and put their authors in jail?

  93. matthew benard

    matthew benard

    15 napja

    A beautiful idea but there is too much Greed, Selfishness, and lies. Everyone is so focused on short term gain, they are not thinking about the future and the world that there and our kids will have to grow up in.

  94. sparsh_play


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    4:08 hey Kurzgesagt, in this current scene the Indian flag is incorrecty colored, the circle in the centre is supposed to be blue in color, please fix this mistake

  95. KelSi T

    KelSi T

    15 napja

    Lets just jump to the real conclusion, its everyone's fault, but some people just don't wanna say it.

  96. Jeet 31PS

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  97. Chv Hndrtntlr

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    Last time I checked, they agree to blame it to third world country

  98. Boilermaker Things

    Boilermaker Things

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    10:26 i just herd a qwack

  99. Jan Skogsberg

    Jan Skogsberg

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    I like how you compare countries with each other and then throws in the EU like it’s one country together with all the rest of just the countrys.. The EU is a collection of 27 (!) country’s together. Then there is the total of landmass for each country and the population of that country.. If you try to put up some sort of graph for this the leading country’s for pollution would probably be different. But it’s “unfair” for the EU to be put up against individual country’s when it’s a collection of 27 country’s. Probably Germany and Poland is the worst polluters of the whole EU. So this statistics is I kinda unfair against the individual country’s in EU. It’s like comparing individual country’s to whole continents its miss-leading according to me.

  100. david staroselskij

    david staroselskij

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    send this to the presidends